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Underground Pipe Locating in Cincinnati, OH, and the Surrounding Areas

At SWS Environmental, we’re an established and experienced local firm and provider of a range of infrastructure restoration, rehabilitation, and construction services. This includes underground pipe locating in Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose Underground Pipe Locating

Locating buried pipes through digging can be costly and time-consuming. Our underground pipe locator services in Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas quickly identify pipe dispositions and depths, reducing surveying and digging costs and preventing damaged lines.

SWS Environmental has the trained personnel and leading-edge equipment, such as the RD8000 locator, to carry out our pipe locating service in Cincinnati, OH, and other areas we serve, locating pipes as far down as 25 feet. In conjunction with this device, high-powered sonde transmitters bounce radio frequencies back to the locator enabling us to trace non-metallic sewers, drains, ducts and pipes and to find blockages or collapses in the structure

This information is useful when updating GIS data for mapping systems that may be inaccurate and for utility companies who need to dig around buried conduits. Buried utility mains, such as lines for fiber optics, telecommunications and water mains, extend for millions of miles underground. Underground utility locators in Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas, avoid extensive damage and project delays. 

We provide critical planning information when digging. This keeps utilities in one piece and prevents considerable property damage and attending high costs while guarding against loss of life. Utility locator services in Cincinnati, OH, and nearby areas from SWS Environmental also quickly illustrate pipe bends and lengths.


SWS Environmental strives to maintain high safety standards and environmentally-friendly practices in all we do.  That’s why we promote the use of hydro-excavation. With the ever-increasing congestion of underground utilities such as gas, electric, fiber optic and telecommunication lines around buried pipelines, it is more important than ever to find a safe and efficient solution to removing the surrounding ground.  Using pressurized water and a vacuum truck to safely dig and expose these utilities, we remove soil and water slurry without damaging the underlying infrastructure.

Using water as a lubricant, we break up the soil in a non-destructive manner and vacuum the debris into a self-contained holding tank.  This minimizes any potential runoff into municipal sewer systems or watershed areas.  In addition, water is chemical-free and controls static electricity, thereby reducing the threat of injury to the workers, residents, and the environment.

Smoke and Dye Testing Services

Smoke and dye testing are two cost-effective methods of identifying which taps and lateral lines connect from a residence, business, or other structure into the main sewer line.  By flushing a colored dye tablet down a pipe toilet, we can accurately identify which sewer segment it drains into.  Smoke testing is generally used to identify the source of inflow, infiltration, and ex-filtration problems. Both the smoke and dyes used for these tests are non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Low-Pressure Air Testing Services

Air testing is a useful tool in identifying infiltration and ex-filtration within a pipe segment or at the joints.  It is important to verify that a pipe is watertight.  Extensive infiltration of groundwater can overload the treatment plant or adjacent sewer lines.  Excessive ex-filtration would allow sewage, chemicals, and other contaminants into our drinking water and waterways.

Air testing can be used for construction acceptance and for preventative maintenance measures.  When pipe defects are identified early, repair decisions can be made more effectively.

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SWS Environmental is a division of CME that has operated as an established service provider in the Greater Cincinnati Area and nearby states since 1977. We’re specialists in infrastructure cleaning, maintenance and televising and a provider of underground pipe locating in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding areas. We also specialize in inspection and service for large diameter pipes. We’re dedicated to finding cost-effective and innovative solutions. Call our team or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment for: