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Our Range of Services in Cincinnati, OH, and Other Areas We Serve

Our clients in Cincinnati, Ohio, are used to the area's temperate climate, which welcomes rain more than most parts of the United States. They're also woefully familiar with the region's propensity for flooding or, at the very least, not draining stormwater well. This isn't a municipal or government issue, rather it's simply the way things are. Storm drain maintenance in Cincinnati, OH, and other areas is essential for local commercial outfits.

Here is a look at what SWS Environmental offers to clients in the following service areas:

  • Hebron, KY
  • Sharonville, OH
  • Norwood, OH
  • West Chester, OH
  • Loveland, OH
  • Lebanon, OH
Video Pipe Inspections

Assess your sewer system condition with a television inspection to make knowledgeable decisions regarding maintenance and cost analysis.

Sewer Cleaning

Maintain efficient pipe flow by having sewers systems cleaned on a scheduled maintenance program.

Rehabilitation Services

Save time and money by repairing portions of an existing pipe using our trenchless point repair service and tap/lateral reinstatement.

Off-Road Capabilities

Gain access to remote sewer system locations by utilizing our specialized off-road cleaning equipment.

Manhole Inspections

Obtain an accurate representation of the sewer’s collection system by having manholes inspected thoroughly.

Cutting and Removal Services

Minimize obstructions by root cutting and removing deposits and protruding laterals from the pipe’s interior wall.

A Full Suite of Solutions

After serving the area for more than 40 years, SWS Environmental is more than an expert in terms of storm drain maintenance. Although dependable, high-quality maintenance requires extensive training and experience across previous jobs, most of it takes the form of pipe inspections and diagnosing problems in the form of locating pipes found in clients' existing storm drain networks.

Our video pipe inspections in Cincinnati, OH, and the nearby areas are done remotely, meaning we don't have to send men crawling inside potentially-dangerous pipes, channels, and storm basins. Rather, we deploy a mobile robotic rover decked out with high-quality cameras, lights, and probes. The feed from our rovers is transmitted live to our operators to most accurately diagnose issues, saving repair costs, effort, and time.

Underground pipe locating in Cincinnati, OH, and other areas is a common service our team at SWS Environmental provides. We use the latest techniques and equipment, including state-of-the-art acoustic instruments, to detect pipes that often aren't mapped out very well by companies, if they've even been mapped out at all. The process is typically noninvasive, one of the many ways we stand out from our competitors. We also use these tried-and-true methods to find underground utility lines.

Secondary Support Services Provided by SWS Environmental

We also provide:

Smoke and dye testing are two economical options for determining the engineering in plumbing and storm drain networks, including which way water flows and where water might be leaking out at. With large commercial clients, this often turns into an off-road service that we are more than capable of handling — we've got heavy equipment by the ready.

We can even diagnose stormwater drainage systems that are backed up, out of operation, or that otherwise have low pressure. To do so, cutting and removing lines, inspecting manholes, and cleaning out municipal sewers are tactics we often employ.

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Storm drain maintenance in Cincinnati, OH, and other areas we serve, admittedly, is quite the task. However, when you trust SWS Environmental, you can rest assured that our team will treat you right. Get on top of your commercial stormwater and other problems by contacting us today. Feel free to call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment or to learn more about what we offer. We serve Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas.