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Trusted Pipe Cleaning Specialists in West Chester, OH

If you run a business or operate a commercial property in West Chester, Ohio, you already know that you can’t take chances when it comes to the safety of your customers and employees. Unfortunately, pipe problems like clogs and corrosion can lead to serious health risks and even flooding, potentially putting people in jeopardy and leading to property damage. The specialists at SWS Environmental can reduce the potential for dangerous water issues through our pipe cleaning solutions.

Take a quick look at our main specializations:

Regular Storm Drain Maintenance

In addition to draining off excess moisture after rainfall, storm drains also filter out debris that can clog up drain lines and lead to flooding and water damage. SWS Environmental helps keep drains clean and commercial properties safe by offering comprehensive storm drain maintenance services. Our team of pipe cleaning specialists in West Chester, OH, can inspect your storm drains, provide repairs if needed, as well as offer guidance and solutions to keep your water flowing freely.

Precise Video Pipe Inspections

If your commercial property does experience a drain clog, SWS Environmental can locate and fix it fast using video pipe inspection. The technology we use for video pipe inspection gives a detailed view of the insides of your pipes, allowing for easy identification of clogs and obstructions. We also provide a video report of our findings for your reference.

Underground Pipe Locating

Planning to build or expand a business can be an exciting time, but if you accidentally hit an underground pipe during construction, your new project can turn into a major cleanup effort. On top of that, damaging an underground pipe can lead to unsafe conditions for clients, employees and visitors. SWS Environmental uses the latest technology for underground pipe locating to locate pipes up to 80 feet underground so that your project can proceed without a hitch.

Turn to SWS Environmental

SWS Environmental is a division of CME that has been providing pipe cleaning, inspection and maintenance services to commercial properties since 1977. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are trained to successfully carry out pipe-related services. Call us or fill out the form today to schedule your appointment.