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Underground Pipe Locating in Middletown, OH

Whenever you are ready to conduct some renovations or expansion projects on your commercial property, keep in mind that you need to know where your underground pipes are located. Fortunately, the experienced team at SWS Environmental has over 40 years of experience in meeting the needs of commercial property owners and building maintenance managers alike. Rest assured that we are ready to save you. Our pipe locating service in Middletown, OH, is efficient and will save you time and money. 

Discover why so many commercial clients rely on SWS Environmental for underground pipe locating in Middletown, OH, and other services.

The Process of Pipe Locating

Our licensed, bonded, and insured team of pipe cleaning specialists uses the most advanced equipment to detect underground pipes on your commercial property. Our non-invasive tools, such as the Radiodetection RD8000 locator, can detect underground pipes up to 25 feet in depth. Not only that, but this advanced piece of equipment is able to accurately estimate the length and width of the pipe. For non-metallic pipes, our equipment also includes high-powered sonde transmitters. Overall, we have the tools that you need to give you the top utility locator services in Middletown, OH.

When Do You Need Underground Utility Locating Services?

You will need our underground utility locators in Middletown, OH, in order to make sure that your excavation team does not hit any pipes during operations. If you happen to hit an underground power line, you can not only do costly damage, but you can adversely affect the operations of your business operations. If your excavation team hits an undetected gas line, you could have a potentially dangerous situation on your commercial property. That's why it is important to have a full record of all the pipe activity under your commercial property. In addition, having this record may come in handy for future references, such as a sale of the property.

How Do You Benefit From Underground Utility Locating?

The biggest benefit of our underground pipe locator services in Middletown, OH, is that it is prompt and efficient. You don't want to spend days or even weeks dealing with a company digging up holes on your commercial property before your renovation or expansion project even begins. In addition, you will save money with SWS Environmental Service’s non-intrusive underground pipe locator service.  You can also be sure that our underground pipe locator service can make it easier in the future if you need someone to access that particular pipe. That is why so many commercial businesses in the Middletown, OH, rely on us.

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Trust us to handle all of your underground pipe locator needs for your next commercial project. Contact us at SWS Environmental to learn more about our many services. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a quick estimate. Our over 40 years of environmental services experience is ready to be put to work for you.