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Top-Notch Underground Pipe Locating in Hebron, KY

Commercial property managers rely on SWS Environmental for a number of pipe-related services, including underground pipe locating in Hebron, KY. We provide a trenchless solution to complex underground pipe location problems by utilizing the latest in scanning technology. We can find the exact location of pipes and utility lines up to 80 feet underground, and our team can generate a full report to ensure your needed construction project runs smoothly.

What Is Underground Pipe Locating?

An underground pipe locating service entails finding and identifying plumbing, drain and utility pipes underground. This can be done by excavating a property, but the excavation process is messy, complex and may cause damage.

At SWS Environmental, our underground pipe location solutions utilize advanced trenchless technology, including the Radiodetection RD8000, to scan for underground pipes that may be used for plumbing, drainage, utilities, conduits and more. Because we don’t need to dig, our process doesn’t disrupt business at commercial properties, and our services are completed faster and more efficiently.

The Pipe Locating Process

Before our utility locator services professionals get started, we’ll meet with you to discuss your specific needs. You may be planning to build new construction, add onto existing structures or build outdoor structures separate from a main facility. In any case, we’ll work with you to ascertain your needs so that we can deliver targeted solutions.

The location process itself involves the use of sensitive scanning technology that can pick up pipe and utility lines underground. Our underground utility locators will work through the areas specified in your work order, and once complete, you’ll be provided with a full report detailing the location and depth of all pipes found.

Why Do I Need Underground Utility Locating Services?

Underground pipes and utility lines serve vital purposes for commercial properties. Many times, commercial properties will have large amounts of complex piping running to and from various structures due to property size and usage needs.

Hitting one of these pipes while digging can lead to a serious disruption not only in your daily life, but also in the daily operations of your property. If you run a business in Hebron, KY, you already know that you can’t afford to experience downtime due to a broken pipe.

What Is The Benefit Of Underground Utility Locating?

By knowing exactly where pipes are located and at what depth, you can have peace of mind when planning a construction or digging project. The report that SWS Environmental generates via our pipe locating service can help you to avoid the potential for accidents and injuries, and it can also prevent flooding and loss of water in the event that a plumbing or drainage line is hit while digging.

Why Trust SWS Environmental Service for Pipe Location?

SWS Environmental is the premier provider of underground pipe locator services in Hebron, KY, and we’ve been trusted by the area’s business and commercial property management community since 1977. Our team uses the latest technology to avoid disrupting your business while your scan is completed, and we guarantee your total satisfaction with every service call.

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