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Your Go-To Pipe Cleaning Specialists in Hebron, KY

SWS Environmental is the name to trust for professional pipe cleaning, drain maintenance and more. Our pipe cleaning specialists in Hebron, KY are trained to maintain pipe systems in commercial properties. We only use the latest technology to make sure that your property remains protected against floods, clogged pipes and damage to underground pipe systems.

We Provide Storm Drain Maintenance

Storms in the Hebron, KY region can be powerful, leaving behind all kinds of debris in their wake. This debris can stop up storm drains and can potentially lead to dangerous flooding that can damage your commercial property. SWS Environmental has powerful tools to quickly clean and clear blocked storm drains to reduce the potential for damage and flooding in and around your Hebron commercial property.

We Offer Video Pipe Inspections

Pipe cleaning and inspection in Hebron, KY is easier than ever when you rely on the professionals at SWS Environmental. We use the latest video technology to get deep into pipes to inspect for damage. Our video inspection equipment can easily find areas of concern. With the ability to travel up to 80 feet from the insertion point with a 360° angle, there’s virtually nothing we can’t find inside your commercial property's pipes. We can even provide a full video report of the inspection.

We Specialize in Underground Pipe Locating

Locating hard-to-reach underground pipes often involves messy digging that can damage your property. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about big messes or a stressful excavation when you rely on the underground pipe location professionals at SWS Environmental. Using Radio detection’s RD8000 technology, we can find and identify pipes up to 25 feet underground, meaning you can get a better sense of your pipe layout without needing to even break out a shovel.

Why Trust SWS Environmental?

SWS Environmental, a division of CME, is a company dedicated to helping commercial partners in the Hebron, KY region with expert pipe cleaning, locating and maintenance services. We’ve been the trusted partner Hebron business owners have relied on since 1977, and our crews are known as some of the best in the industry.

Contact Us for Expert Services

If you’re concerned about the condition of your commercial property’s pipes after a big storm, before digging or just in general, contact SWS Environmental for fast service in Hebron, KY.