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Underground Pipe Locating in Florence, KY

If you are about to expand on your commercial property, then you know that you'll need to survey the area for any underground pipes. Rely on professional pipe locating service in Florence, KY, from SMS Environment Service to get the job done as efficiently as possible. We have proudly served commercial property owners and building maintenance manages since 1977. We employ a top team of licensed, bonded, and insurance pipe cleaning specialists. For any project big or small, we are ready to get to work for you.

Our Pipe Locating Services

When it comes to utility locator services in Florence, KY, you want to make sure that you hire a team that can get the job done as fast as possible. That means you want to avoid costly and timely excavation. At SWS Environmental, we make sure to provide the solutions you need. The utility locator service uses a non-intrusive Radiodetection RD8000 locator. This scanner is simply held over the ground much like a metal detector. The system will be able to detect pipes up to 25 feet underground. Not only that, but the system is able to take a precise measurement of the pipe that includes the length, the width, and any turns in the pipe's system.

To help find nonmetallic pipes, we also use high-powered sonde transmitters to bounce radio frequencies back to the locator. That means you get a complete look at any pipeline activity under your commercial property.

Importance of Underground Utility Locating Services

You will want to detect any underground utility pipes to prevent any costly damage to municipal pipes. In addition, you are legally required to identify and avoid any municipal lines into your property. Finally, you will want to avoid disaster by making sure that your excavation team does not hit any pipes lines during any renovation or construction projects. Through a cost-effective yet in-depth underground pipe locating in Florence, KY, from SWS Environmental, you provide just what your commercial property needs and more.

Benefits Of Underground Utility Locating Services

Among the benefits of underground utility locators in Florence, KY, is savings on both costs and time spent on conducting traditional and intrusive inspections. In addition, our system is able to accurately identify the location and depth of our underground pipes that may be useful for future reference. Finally, you can prevent damage to any of your underground utilities. If you hit an underground utility, you not only have to deal with the cost of the repair, as you may also have to contend with the downtime that your commercial operation will experience. For many commercial properties in the lcoal area, our experienced team here at SWS Environmental has been a smart investment.

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For over 40 years, we have been the trusted source of top pipe cleaning services. Contact us at SWS Environmental for professional underground pipe locator services in Florence, KY. We are ready to exceed your expectations