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The Trusted Pipe Cleaning Specialists in Florence, KY

When you need top environmental services in the Florence KY area, then you will want to rely on the professional team at SWS Environmental. Founded in 1977, SWS Environmental has helped thousands of our commercial customers with everything from sewage draining to video pipe inspections. We are also top pipe cleaning specialists today. Our licensed, bonded and insured team has the tools and the expertise to get any commercial or industrial pipe job done. Here is a look at some of the major services that we offer.

Storm Drain Maintenance

You don't want to have an obstruction in your storm drain when the next big downpour occurs. That can lead to flooding in the streets, on your property, on your landscaping, and into your basement. SWS Environmental storm drain maintenance in Florence, KY, uses an advanced fleet of combination mobile flush/vacuum units to quickly hydro jet any and all obstructions in your storm drain system. We can set up a preventative storm drain maintenance schedule that can protect your property or your municipality from any complications that can occur from a sudden storm or downpour. We make sure that the storm drains of our clients are up to standard and can benefit them for a long time, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

Video Pipe Inspections

We also offer the most cost-effective way for our commercial and industrial clients to inspect their sewer pipe system. With our video pipe inspections in Florence, KY, the SWS Environmental team utilizes a remote-controlled tractor carriage that carries a full-color camera with a 360-degree rotating head and zoom capability. This unique system is able to inspect up to 80 feet from the mainline. The result is that you will get the most complete look of your plumbing system. Our video pipe inspection team will be able to gauge the general conditions of your pipes, check for cracks, and detect obstructions.

Additional benefits of a video pipe inspection are that you can receive information on inflow analysis, view results of a rehabilitation project, identify future trouble spots, and have a permanent record of the condition of your existing pipes for your reference down the road.

Underground Pipe Locating

Before you begin any projects that require digging or excavation, you will need to know where the utility pipes are located. That's where our experts in underground pipe locating in Florence, KY, can be beneficial for your property We use an advanced Radiodetection RD8000 locator that can detect pipes up to 25 feet underground. Once the inspection is completed, you will have a complete record of the locations of a utility pipe in a given area. The report will include the depth, width, and turns of the utility pipes. This will save you from the potential disaster of hitting a gas line.

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