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Professional Underground Pipe Locating in Cincinnati, OH

Before you schedule any complex digging project on your commercial or industrial property, you need to know where your underground utility pipes are located. It is not only the law, as it can greatly reduce your chance of disaster. That's why you want to rely on a professional for underground pipe locating in Cincinnati, OH. At SWS Environmental, we have over 40 years of experience in the industry serving the local area. Our specialized equipment will be able to quickly detect any underground pipes on your commercial or industrial property without excavation.

Our team has performed thousands of underground pipe location jobs in the region. We can quickly get to work and help you get your project going fast.

Process or Methods of Pipe Locating

Our pipe locating service in Cincinnati, OH, uses an advanced Radiodetection RD8000 locator that can detect pipes up to 25 feet underground. This piece of equipment is a simple hand-operated detector, which is held over the ground on your property. The equipment will indicate if a pipe is located underground and record the location. Once the inspection is completed, our team will put together a report and flag all the areas where the pipe is located.

Why Do I Need Underground Utility Locating Services?

You will need utility locator services in Cincinnati, OH, if you are looking to do any digging on your commercial, municipal, or industrial property. For instance, you are looking to do any renovations on your building, then the contractor may need to dig into your property. You will need to know where the utility pipes, such as gas lines are located. If a gas line is hit, that can cause a major disaster, not to mention major liability. In addition, having an inspection done for underground pipes is required before any excavation process can proceed. The good news is that our pipe locating service is quick and affordable.

What Is The Benefit Of Underground Utility Locating?

With our underground utility locators in Cincinnati, OH, you will be able to accurately identify the location and the depth of any pipes under your property. In addition, the equipment that we use will be able to give you a measurement of the pipe's widths and bends. The entire process also reduces the cost of surveying and prevents damage to buried utilities. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, our underground utility locating service removes the need for costly digging and excavating. Our decades of environmental services experience means that we will be able to handle your pipe locating needs with ease.

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Get professional underground pipe locator services in Cincinnati, OH, with SWS Environmental today. Our team is ready to get to work for you. Be sure to call us today if you have any question or concerns about this or any other service that we offer. You may also schedule an appointment by giving us a call or filling out the online contact form on this website.