Pipe Cleaning Specialists Serving Cincinnati, OH, and Nearby Areas

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Sewer and pipe maintenance covers a wide range of specializations. The trained technicians and pipe cleaning specialists at SWS Environmental have the right equipment and specialized skills to cost-effectively and efficiently repair a wide range of issues. We serve a host of commercial clients when it comes to maintenance, cleaning, and televising of different pipes and drains in the following locations:

We also serve:

Here is a look at our full suite of services:

Storm Drain Maintenance

Storm drain maintenance in Cincinnati, OH, and other areas we serve on a regularly-scheduled program is essential for consistent upkeep and damage prevention in sewer systems and drains.

Video Pipe Inspections

The condition of a sewer system can be assessed with video pipe inspections in Cincinnati, OH, and nearby areas to identify problem areas and inform knowledgeable decisions concerning repair methods and cost analysis.

Underground Pipe Locating

For underground pipe locating in Cincinnati, OH, our field technicians use specialized locating equipment, including the RD8000 radio-detecting equipment and sonde transmitters, to accurately determine where pipes and utilities are located, even at 25 feet belowground.

Additional Services Provided by SWS Environmental

SWS also provides a range of related repair and maintenance services, including:

  • Underground Utility Locators – Dedicated equipment used by top professionals to locate non-metallic and metallic utilities.
  • Smoke and Dye Testing Services – Two methods of locating line and tap connections and inflow and infiltration sources.
  • Low-Pressure Air Testing Services – A method for discovering compromises and verifying water-tight pipes.
  • Sewer Cleaning – An efficient way to clear sand, grease, and debris and prevent overflows.
  • Trenchless Rehabilitation Services – an efficient and cost-effective way to repair sections of existing lines.
  • Off-Road Services – Our means to access remote drain systems with off-road equipment.
  • Manhole Inspections – We offer thorough inspection services to accurately understand the collection system in a sewer.
  • Cutting and Removal Services – An array of techniques for clearing deposits and roots from the pipe’s interior.

A Regional Drain-Maintenance Service

As regionally-established pipe cleaning specialists servicing greater Cincinnati and nearby locations and a division of the CME Pipe Lining Company, SWS Environmental specializes in maintenance, cleaning, and televising. We provide services exclusively for commercial properties and work on large diameter pipes like catch basins and private storm drains not located on roads. Call us today or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment for any of the following services we offer: