Why Storm Drain Inspections Matter

A storm drain system plays the crucial role of redirecting excess water away from streets, buildings, and other important infrastructure after heavy rains or a storm. If left unchecked, unregulated stormwater flow can cause issues such as erosion. Stormwater control is, therefore, a critical measure to mitigate damage caused by runoff water.

Why Undertake Frequent Maintenance Of Storm Drains

Storm drain maintenance in Florence, KY is an ongoing process and should not be treated as a one-and-done affair. After a storm or a particularly heavy rain, debris normally clogs drain outlets. If not removed, debris such as logs and soil can cause a total blockage of drains and even damage the drain itself. Scheduling storm drain maintenance regularly helps keep your storm drains fully functional and ready to take on the stormwater flow.

Importance of Runoff Drain Inspection

Storm drain inspection services should be carried out regularly to keep you updated on the condition of your storm drain system. Doing so will give you time to allocate a budget and make the necessary preparations should your storm drain need to be repaired.

Prerequisite for Cleaning and Repair

Inspections are necessary before and even after carrying out services such as storm drain cleaning and repairs. The initial inspection serves to inform the technicians regarding the location and severity of the issue at hand. The inspection that follows after the cleaning or repair services are done acts as a quality check to determine whether the job has truly been completed efficiently.

For Public Safety

Storm drain inspections can also alert you if you need to have any storm drain repair done. In a worst case scenario, a faulty storm drain whose repairs have been neglected can endanger lives and expose people to health risks related to floodwater. This is why, for the safety of the people in the vicinity, storm drain inspections have to be performed meticulously and regularly by professionals.

With the proper maintenance and regular inspections, storm drains can help keep the area safe and flood-free. Contact SWS Environmental today.