What Video Pipe Inspections Can and Can’t Detect

One of the reasons SWS Environmental performs video pipe inspections in Cincinnati, OH is because of the useful information that we can obtain this way. Plus, our camera-based inspections are non-intrusive and can be completed fairly quickly. But while video pipe inspections are a highly efficient way to determine the condition of your pipes, it’s also important to be aware of what these camera-based inspections can and can’t detect.

How a Video Inspection Works

A pipeline video inspection is done with a specialized camera mounted to a flexible cable. It’s inserted into the pipe and the video feed is displayed on a monitor as the technician reviews the images. The footage and results are also recorded for future reference.

What Can Be Detected

As for what can be detected during video pipe inspections, the location of sewer lines is included in the list. Our sewer cameras send out signals that can help find underground pipes if there’s a need to confirm their location. Video pipe inspection services are also capable of detecting blockages, including its location and causes, the material that was used for the pipes, and structural issues and problems with connections, fittings, and other parts of the pipe that can be viewed internally.

What Can’t Be Detected

A pipe inspection can determine if there’s a leak, but it can’t always detect the exact leak location. For instance, if the leak source is minor or subtle, it can be especially difficult to pinpoint, especially if damage originates from the outside of the pipe. It can also be challenging to tell whether or not cracks go all the way through thicker PVC and cast-iron pipes.

A combination of CCTV pipe inspection and other methods should be used for accurate leak detection results.

Get Started with an Inspection Today

A lateral launch inspection or any other type of video-based inspection performed by SWS Environmental technicians can definitely be an effective starting point. If any additional details are needed, we’ll use techniques and methods that are reliable and suitable for the situation.

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