Utility Locator Services: What You Need to Know

For any successful digging project, utility locating is essential to avoid expensive damages or accidents. Without proper locating, issues that can be hard to address can arise. That’s why you need to rely on a trusted company like SWS Environmental that specializes in underground pipe locating in Cincinnati, OH. Our top-of-the-line equipment quickly detects any underground pipes on your property without excavation.

Below are the things you need to know about utility locator services.

Utility Locating Helps Prevent Damage Before Excavation

Various risks exist when you start digging without the help of professional pipe locating service. Water lines, fiber optic lines, sewer lines, power lines, and other utility lines are expensive to repair or replace, so damaging them could only lead to disastrous results. Moreover, underground gas lines can become a safety hazard if you interfere with them.

Here at SWS Environmental, we give you the confidence to excavate knowing that there are no utility lines in the way. Our high-resolution GPR units help us guarantee accuracy and find or avoid targets without causing any destruction.

Utility Locating Helps Us Identify the Location and Depth of Your Pipes

Before proceeding with the excavation, we must first find the existing mains. With our underground utility locators, you can accurately find the location and determine the depth of your underground pipes. This information becomes useful during the placement of structures, foundations, trees, and any other crucial demarcations.

Utility Locating Saves Money and Lives

It’s not a secret how expensive and labor-intensive it can be to repair or replace damaged sewer lines, water lines, and other infrastructure. Worse still, there is a danger of gas explosion if you interfere with a gas pipe, and electrocution in the event of cut power lines. This can result in severe injuries and fatalities, not to mention property destruction that can cost you a fortune. With our professional utility locator services, you can avoid property damage and ensure no life gets lost due to an avoidable mistake.

For professional underground pipe locator services, contact SWS Environmental today. Our technicians will ensure all the changes on your property have accounted for all utility lines, both public and private. Call us today to schedule an appointment.