The Hazards of Clogged Storm Drains

It rains in Florence all throughout the year. When all that water gets mixed with all the debris from the leaves and twigs, it can spell trouble for your storm drains. SWS Environmental is proud to be a division under CME. We are a professional company that you can count on for your storm drain maintenance in Florence, KY.

Below are the hazards and risks that could arise when your storm drains become clogged and storm drain repair is not done promptly.

Added Operational Costs

The inlets and pipes of your storm drains control how the water flows in a rainstorm. Add freezing temps during the winter and you have the potential for serious problems. Your business has enough expenses to deal with, and that’s excluding replacement costs for your storm drainage system. Storm drain cleaning will prevent these costly repairs.

Structural Damage and Safety Risks

At SWS Environmental, we do storm drain inspections to look for issues that can potentially lead to damage. For instance, the intake points and catch basins get blocked, and that backup can lead to standing water. We’ll check your channels and grates during the inspections. When they get blocked, they won’t be able to facilitate the flow of the rainwater. Consider what can happen to your business establishment if that fast-flowing water along with that debris tries to find their way into your clogged storm drain.

Your storm drain system can be maintained to save your business money and to keep the building’s occupants safe. Let our professionals do the work for you. We’ll check your storm drains and find out what to watch out for during the inspection, including those small things that can get overlooked. When you get the system inspected, you’re ready for that next storm.

Get the peace of mind that comes with keeping your storm drainage system in perfect shape. Call SWS Environmental today for your storm drain services.