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June 9, 2021

As the largest and only dedicated sewer repair and pipe lining company in Ohio and the Tri-State Area, SWS Environmental continues to make great strides in the industry. We remain committed to meeting the needs of our clients. Our team utilizes only the latest in trenchless technology and is well-versed in storm drain system needs.…

Why Storm Drain Inspections Matter

May 25, 2021
storm drain system

A storm drain system plays the crucial role of redirecting excess water away from streets, buildings, and other important infrastructure after heavy rains or a storm. If left unchecked, unregulated stormwater flow can cause issues such as erosion. Stormwater control is, therefore, a critical measure to mitigate damage caused by runoff water. Why Undertake Frequent…

Our Low-Pressure Air Testing Services

May 14, 2021
underground pipe locating in Florence, KY

Whether you’re planting a tree or excavating for the basement or foundation of a new home, underground pipe locating in Florence, KY, is essential to the safety and the success of the project. At SWS Environmental, our technicians offer thorough underground locating services for all types of pipes and utilities. Read on to learn about…

How Inspection Reporting Benefits You

May 6, 2021
Pipe Inspection

It’s no secret that regular pipe inspections are highly beneficial for commercial property owners. If you’re looking for a reliable provider of quality pipe inspections, SWS Environmental is happy to do the job. We have the best equipment, and we offer comprehensive services including video pipe inspections in Cincinnati, OH that meet the unique needs…

Anatomy of Storm Drains

April 28, 2021
storm drain maintenance in Middletown, OH

There are many benefits that come with storm drain maintenance in Middletown, OH regularly provided by the SWS Environmental team. To give you a better idea of how storm drains works and how regular inspections and cleanings greatly help in keeping the system functional,we go over the basic design and anatomy of storm drains. Direct…

Main Benefits of Hydro Excavation

April 7, 2021
underground pipe locating in Florence, KY

Hydro excavation is a way of shifting and excavating soil using pressurized water together with an air vacuum machine to suck up debris. The pressurized water digs the earth while the air vacuum system transfers the washed-out debris into a waste tank. This excavation technique reduces the expenses and pitfalls incurred through traditional digging methods.…

What We Check During a Pipeline Video Inspection

March 31, 2021
video pipe inspections in Cincinnati, OH

When it comes to video pipe inspections in Cincinnati, OH, accuracy is what’s most important. Here at SWS Environmental, not only will you get accuracy but efficiency as well. If you’d like to learn more about our pipeline inspection services, read on as we go over what we typically check for during the procedure. Structural…

What You Can Do to Prevent Storm Drain Clogs

March 25, 2021
storm drain maintenance in Middletown, OH

Being diligent about storm drain maintenance in Middletown, OH is one of the ways to prevent issues with storm drain clogs. SWS Environmental offers some additional tips below that can reduce your risk of having unexpected problems with your commercial storm drains. Clear Away Debris Since a storm drain system is directly exposed to the…

Common Misconceptions on Underground Utility Locating

March 11, 2021
underground pipe locating in Middletown, OH

On any digging project done on a yard or a property, services such as underground pipe locating in Middletown, OH is indispensable. The location of existing pipelines below the surface is necessary to avoid area contamination, injury and unplanned expenses. To add perspective on what to expect from pipe locating, the infrastructure experts at SWS…

How Often Should You Schedule a Pipe Inspection

March 10, 2021
video pipe inspections in Cincinnati, OH

If you’re a property owner or a facility manager, it helps to have the best team of qualified and experienced technicians on your side. Luckily, unparalleled pipe services are exactly what SWS Environmental offers to our customers. A division of CME, we offer a variety of services, such as drain maintenance, pipe cleaning, and video…