Our Low-Pressure Air Testing Services

Whether you’re planting a tree or excavating for the basement or foundation of a new home, underground pipe locating in Florence, KY, is essential to the safety and the success of the project. At SWS Environmental, our technicians offer thorough underground locating services for all types of pipes and utilities. Read on to learn about our low-pressure air testing services and how they work.

Identify Infiltration

Low-pressure air testing allows us to identify areas of infiltration in a pipe. This is important because too much infiltration of groundwater can flood the sewer lateral, municipal sewer line, and water treatment plant. Our technicians can do this test for you as a part of pipe maintenance or before a construction project. We can also do this at the same time as a pipe locating service visit.

Determine the Presence of Ex-filtration

Infiltration isn’t the only problem that can affect pipes and the environment. So can ex-filtration. The process of ex-filtration is when sewage from your sewer lateral leaks out and contaminates the soil and groundwater. Our low-pressure air testing services can identify this issue if you notice foul odors or muddy areas. We can also do underground utility locator services during the same visit.

Locate Pipe Defects Early

The sooner a pipe defect is found, the easier it is to fix. A small leak may just need a simple repair, but if you wait, worse damage might require replacing the whole segment of pipe. Locating pipe defects early also ensures that no underground utility lines can be damaged. Our underground utility locators pinpoint exactly where the pipes and conduits are located.

A division of CME, SWS Environmental is the trusted provider of underground pipe locator services in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re preparing to sell or starting a big project, our team is here to help. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.