Main Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is a way of shifting and excavating soil using pressurized water together with an air vacuum machine to suck up debris. The pressurized water digs the earth while the air vacuum system transfers the washed-out debris into a waste tank. This excavation technique reduces the expenses and pitfalls incurred through traditional digging methods. SWS Environmental utilizes the hydro excavation method when we perform underground pipe locating in Florence, KY.

Let us look at the main benefits of hydro excavation.

Prevents Leaks

When rendering utility locator services, hydro excavation does not damage the pipes in the process of uncovering them. The pipes remain in good shape without you having to return to repair leaks.


With hydro excavation, the construction site will be relatively free from equipment, gadgets, and trucks. Underground pipe locator services that are done coupled with hydro excavation can be done with the truck being far from the worksite.


Hydro excavation is a less destructive and non-mechanical way of moving soil. It reduces injury risks and ensures the safety of other people around the worksite. If you request a pipe locating service, ask the contractor to do it using hydro excavation as it is safer and less messy.


Hydro excavation does not require many people to clean up after finishing the job. This technique reduces unnecessary costs associated with conventional excavation methods. The excavation method is quicker and more precise, resulting in less damage to the environment and existing installations. Cost benefits are seen in the efficiency of this technique and its cost-cutting measures. Therefore, hydro excavation is the preferred excavation method for underground utility locators as it saves time and cost.

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