Anatomy of Storm Drains

There are many benefits that come with storm drain maintenance in Middletown, OH regularly provided by the SWS Environmental team. To give you a better idea of how storm drains works and how regular inspections and cleanings greatly help in keeping the system functional,we go over the basic design and anatomy of storm drains.

Direct Discharge to Nearby Waterways

Stormwater goes directly into storm drains in parking lots, along streets, or in other places where runoff needs to be managed. The water goes directly into a nearby body of water without treatment. Treatment isn’t necessary since storm drains aren’t connected to sewer lines. One of the reasons why storm drain cleaning is something to schedule on a regular basis is because clogged or blocked drains can quickly result in backups and overflows, disrupting the flow of traffic in the streets or the influx of customers into nearby establishments.

Key Storm Drain Parts

Storm drain repair is needed if an inspection shows structural damage or flaws. Key storm drain parts and components that may need professional attention include:

  • Bypass: Allows flow to go past an inlet to carry stormwater to the next inlet downgrade.
  • Combination inlet: A drainage inlet that usually has a curb-opening inlet and either a grate or slotted drain inlet.
  • Curb-opening inlet: The main opening of a storm drain system that’s seen from the street or surface area.
  • Culvert: A closed conduit that takes water below roadways or other structures.
  • Flanking inlets: Supporting inlets that intercept downward flowing debris to reduce clogs at the main opening.
  • Grade inlet: A type of inlet with a grate placed at the lower point along a swale, channel, or roadway.
  • Storm drain gutter: Adjacent to the curb, this is the part of a storm drain system that directs stormwater to the opening.
  • Trunk line: The main storm drain line. Connecting lines, like the ones that go to manholes, are called lateral lines.

Schedule an Inspection and Cleaning Today

SWS Environmental maintains all types of commercial drains, including storm drains. We also conduct quick and easy storm drain inspections and perform routine cleanings to keep your storm drains free of anything that could block flow when efficient and effective drainage is needed.

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