An Overview of Smoke and Dye Testing

Smoke and dye testing have been indispensable tools for underground pipe locating in Middletown, OH and everywhere else for decades. These two methods have been essential to studying a system’s level of inflow and infiltration, which is becoming increasingly important now that aging municipal collection systems come under heavier pressure as cities grow.

SWS Environmental, a pipe locating service company specializing in large-diameter industrial, corporate, and manufacturing drain systems, offers a complete set of underground pipe locator services and solutions for commercial drain upkeep, including the smoke and dye method.

What is Smoke Testing?

Essentially, smoke testing pushes non-toxic and odorless white smoke through manholes or pipes to ultimately locate pipe connections. The smoke comes from such sources as a smoke generator or smoke candles. Wherever smoke comes out signals potentially hidden connections and opportunities for groundwater or rain to get into the system.

How Does Dye Testing Work?

When we perform a pipe locating service using dye testing, we do so with water. A dissolvable dye tablet is placed in a sink or drain and flushed with water. Where the dye turns up in the system indicates the types of connections that exist there. For example, the test can turn up whether a building’s sanitary drain is connected with the yard drain. This faulty connection can overload the sanitary drain with flooding rainwater and cause overflows and basement backups.

Other applications for smoke-and-dye-based utility locator services include broken manholes, cracked laterals or mains, uncapped drain lines, out-of-code connections, yard drains, and sump pump locations.

Our experienced team here at SWS Environmental is skilled in carrying out the process of subsurface pipe location, including smoke and dye, metal detectors, and other methods. SWS Environmental uses underground utility locators to identify and map buried lines for future reference in remodeling work, drain and sewer system upgrades, and future construction jobs.

To learn more about the benefits of underground pipe locating and of other commercial sewer and drain services provided by SWS Environmental, call us today.