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The Advantages of Having Utility Lines and Pipes Underground

December 9, 2021
The Advantages of Having Utility Lines and Pipes Underground

When it comes to access to natural gas, water, and electricity, many people prefer having their utility lines and pipes underground as underground pipes offer several advantages over the traditional overhead placement. SWS Environmental, the authority in underground pipe locating in Cincinnati, OH has outlined some benefits of having utility lines and pipes that are…

Reasons to Schedule CCTV Pipe Inspection In Winter

December 3, 2021
Reasons to Schedule CCTV Pipe Inspection In Winter

The harsh weather conditions during winter can cause various kinds of damage to your pipe and drain lines that require special attention. As such, video pipe inspections in Florence, KY are a must if you want to catch problems before they become too tedious to handle.  Below are the leading reasons to schedule a pipeline…

Common Storm Drain System Issues

November 25, 2021
Common Storm Drain System Issues

Storm drain systems are designed to collect stormwater from the streets and the surrounding areas and drain it into a nearby body of water. Storm drain systems work to prevent flooding and keep the city’s roads relatively passable even during heavy storms. Apart from scheduling regular storm drain maintenance in Middletown, OH, technicians at SWS…

When Do You Need a Pipe Locating Service?

November 12, 2021
When Do You Need a Pipe Locating Service?

SWS Environmental Service wants to make sure that you don’t cause extensive damage to your buried pipes when starting any project that involves digging. Services like underground pipe locating in Cincinnati, OH are an efficient and non-invasive way of determining where critical pipes such as sewer lines, cable lines, and gas lines are located on…

Lateral Launch Inspection Explained

November 5, 2021

Video pipe inspections in Cincinnati, OH are a fast and efficient way to inspect a sewer system. When you have lateral lines that branch off of the mainline, a traditional pushcam inspection isn’t enough. That’s why our team at SWS Environmental Service offers lateral launch inspections which allow us to provide a clear picture of…

How Does a Storm Drain System Work?

October 18, 2021
How Does a Storm Drain System Work?

A storm drain system is designed to prevent flooding by diverting rainwater and melted snow away from roads, yards, and commercial establishments and into nearby drain systems. As such, storm drain cleaning plays a crucial role in keeping your landscape healthy and your basement dry, especially in severe weather. They also help to remove debris…

How Are Pipes Located?

October 14, 2021

When a pipe rehabilitation project requires digging up your yard, the technicians have to know the location of your pipes. Otherwise, underground utility disasters, which are dangerous and costly, are bound to happen. In addition, locating underground pipes through digging or trial and error is time-consuming and expensive. SWS Environmental offers underground pipe locating in…

When Do You Need Underground Pipe Locator Services?

October 11, 2021

Any time you need to excavate a residential or commercial property for utility service, it is advisable to hire proficient technicians offering a complete scope of utility locator services. Look for professionals who operate with a diverse range of underground utility locating devices from radio detectors, fault locators, electromagnetic equipment, and ground-penetrating radar, among others.…

Why Prompt Storm Drain Repair Is Crucial

September 27, 2021

A storm drain catches and diverts surface runoff, stormwater, and melting snow from driveways, yards, and city streets. At SWS Environmental, we encourage property owners and managers to take preventative measures to keep their storm drain system in tip-top shape. In case of damage, the issue should be resolved  quickly. If you think a storm…

A Look Into Underground Pipe Locating

September 15, 2021

Before the introduction of pipe locating technologies, it was quite a common occurrence for the technicians to accidentally strike underground pipes when digging. Such an impact can prove dangerous for the pipes and costly for the property. This is why underground pipe locating in Cincinnati, OH is crucial so that such mistakes can be avoided.…