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How Are Pipes Located?

October 14, 2021

When a pipe rehabilitation project requires digging up your yard, the technicians have to know the location of your pipes. Otherwise, underground utility disasters, which are dangerous and costly, are bound to happen. In addition, locating underground pipes through digging or trial and error is time-consuming and expensive. SWS Environmental offers underground pipe locating in…

When Do You Need Underground Pipe Locator Services?

October 11, 2021

Any time you need to excavate a residential or commercial property for utility service, it is advisable to hire proficient technicians offering a complete scope of utility locator services. Look for professionals who operate with a diverse range of underground utility locating devices from radio detectors, fault locators, electromagnetic equipment, and ground-penetrating radar, among others.…

Why Prompt Storm Drain Repair Is Crucial

September 27, 2021

A storm drain catches and diverts surface runoff, stormwater, and melting snow from driveways, yards, and city streets. At SWS Environmental, we encourage property owners and managers to take preventative measures to keep their storm drain system in tip-top shape. In case of damage, the issue should be resolved  quickly. If you think a storm…

A Look Into Underground Pipe Locating

September 15, 2021

Before the introduction of pipe locating technologies, it was quite a common occurrence for the technicians to accidentally strike underground pipes when digging. Such an impact can prove dangerous for the pipes and costly for the property. This is why underground pipe locating in Cincinnati, OH is crucial so that such mistakes can be avoided.…

When Is Pipe Inspection Necessary?

September 7, 2021

Regular pipe inspection is crucial in ensuring that your pipes are not faulty or clogged and that they are doing their job of transporting water in and out of the house. Additionally, an inspection of your house pipes will help detect faulty pipes that need to be fixed before the damage gets out of hand.…

Reasons to Prioritize Storm Drain Cleaning

August 17, 2021

Stormwater drainage systems perform a valuable function, but they’re often overlooked until they fail to operate as expected. We here at SWS Environmental offer the following information on why storm drain maintenance in Middletown, OH should always be included as part of your regular property care plan if you’re a home or business owner in…

The Process of Hydro Excavation

August 9, 2021
The Process of Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is a safe yet effective soil excavation and removal process involving the use of an air conveyance machine and high-pressure water systems. At SWS Environmental, we use high-end hydro excavators in conjunction with other appropriate equipment to provide fast and safe utility locator services in high-risk or hazardous locations. Read on to learn…

Top Benefits of Manhole Inspections

August 9, 2021
Top Benefits of Manhole Inspections

A manhole is an essential part of any area surrounding buildings or properties. It is designed to provide inspectors, technicians, and other sewer service professionals safe access to the main sewer and drain lines. Although manholes are commonplace and are largely ignored, it still plays a vital role and can benefit greatly from video pipe…

Why Rely on SWS Environmental for Storm Drain Services

July 20, 2021
Why Rely on SWS Environmental for Storm Drain Services

As a leader in storm drain maintenance in Cincinnati, OH, SWS Environmental takes pride in helping commercial property owners by providing reliable sewer and piping solutions. Along with routine maintenance, we’re the company to rely on for storm drain services that include regular cleanings and repairs. Here’s why. Cost-Effective Solutions All of our storm drain…

An Overview of Smoke and Dye Testing

July 14, 2021
An Overview of Smoke and Dye Testing

Smoke and dye testing have been indispensable tools for underground pipe locating in Middletown, OH and everywhere else for decades. These two methods have been essential to studying a system’s level of inflow and infiltration, which is becoming increasingly important now that aging municipal collection systems come under heavier pressure as cities grow. SWS Environmental,…